Playstation 4 (PS4) Wireless Bluetooth Controller keeps dropping connection?

Are you having problems with your Playstation 4 wireless controller? Are you playing Star Wars: Battlefront and your controller randomly disconnects? You are not alone. 

The Trouble With Bluetooth Technology

The Playstation 4 uses Bluetooth wireless technology, which without interference, should have no issues operating in a 20 ft range and has a maximum range of 60 meters. Bluetooth operates on the 2.4Ghz spectrum which can make it quite susceptible to interference. 


If you are having issues, work through a process of elimination find the culprit. 

  • First, plug the controller directly into the PS4 via the USB Cable? Does the controller work if hard wired to the PS4?
  • Second, disconnect other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. This includes headset, speaker, and remotes. See if this fixes the issue. If not then..
  • Disconnect your WiFI. WIFI also operates on the same spectrum. If this fixes the issue, try changing the channel on your WIFI router or reposition the PS4 in your cabinet to minimize interference.

Chances are your hardware is fine, you just need to find the device that is interfering with PS4's Bluetooth connection.