Apple's Fights The Good Fight: Decides To Aid The Opposition in "Bloatwar"

Fresh off my post yesterday regarding the looming war between telecoms and publishers, Apple decided yesterday to allow iPhone and iPad users install ad-blocking software on their devices running iOS 9.

If publishers weren't completely serious about their ad-clutter, they should be now; but for many it might be too late, and they will have to look into the mirror and realize they have no one to blame but themselves. As I wrote in this earlier post, content site like diply have been over-advertising on their site, and have ruined the user experience for many of the those that use their site for media consumption. These sites deserved to be punished for their abuses, but unfortunately they will not be the only victim of this blocking.

Collateral Damage

The real losers in this war will ultimately be the surfer or the content consumer. Thousands of legitimate, valuable, & responsible publishers will suffer at the hand of these ad-blockers. Websites like depend on ad revenue to operate, and with out this revenue - quality sites like this might cease operations. “If you go to a site, and you’re blocking their ads, then you’re not giving that site any reason to be in existence,” says Seth Weintraub, operator of “I don't hate the companies that are doing it or the users that do, but people are hurting the sites they are enjoying.” That stinks for us!

Hope Is Not Lost

As the war goes on there are emerging companies that are giving consumers a way to fight back against irresponsible publishers and advertisers while allowing responsible parties to continue "block" free. For example, blockers like AdBlock Plus are allowing ads to remain unblocked if they meet certain standards. Also, many have teamed up with Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit that allows advertisers to opt in to a "Do Not Track" list that certifies them as responsible when it comes to advertising and privacy (tracking). Essentially, this means that if you are a publisher, and you are responsible with your advertising, you will be able able to show ads and more importantly monetize them. That's a win for us!

Source: Bloomberg