Exacq Video Client will not export video to .exe instead does .psi and .ps

When trying to export a video from the playback tab, I had a problem. It would not save it as a self contained executable. After consulting with Exacq I have learned about 2 problems and 2 solutions.

1) Make sure the complete video is finished loading before you export it. If you do not, it will publish your exe.ps and exe.psi files instead.

.ps and .psi files are native video and sound files that can be played by the Exacq Player, which can typically be found here: C:\Program Files\exacqVision\Client\ePlayer.exe

2) If you already exported the .ps and .psi files you can combine them in 2 ways: DOS and the aforementioned Exacq Player.

In the player, open the .ps file and then save it as an exe via the file menu on top.

In DOS follow these instructions from Exacq:

1. Determine the directory in which the PS file to be converted is located, and open a DOS command
window in that directory. Typically, the directory path is \My Documents\exacqVision Files.
2. Assuming the exacqVision software was installed in its default directory, and the PS file to be
converted is named test.PS (a generic name for this example), type the following command.
Please be careful to observe the quotation marks and capitalization: C:\Program
Files\exacqVision\Client\ePlayer.exe" -c -itest.ps -otest.exe
3. The resulting file is called text.EXE and can be played on any Windows computer without
exacqVision software. Please note that if you intend to e-mail this file to a third party, many e-mail
systems do not permit EXE files to be sent or received.

From: https://exacq.com/kb/kbdl.php?did=b3be08b2-297e-d545-b7c8-4bc37622c9c3&fid=pdf